• Cybersecurity breakfast series
    A monthly event to gather the community around two presentations in social sciences and hard sciences followed by a time of exchange around a breakfast.
  • International Cybersecurity Forum
    CyberAlps is participating in the International Cybersecurity Forum from 5 to 7 April in Lille. Find us on the Allistène research area.
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Cybersecurity Institute

The Grenoble Alpes Cybersecurity Institute aims at undertaking ground-breaking interdisciplinary research in order to address cybersecurity and privacy challenges. Our main technical focus is on low-cost secure elements, critical infrastructures, vulnerability analysis and validation of large systems, including practical resilience across the industry and the society. Our approach to cybersecurity is holistic, encompassing technical, legal, law-enforcement, economic, social, diplomatic, military and intelligence-related aspects with strong partnerships with the private sector and robust national and international cooperation with leading institutions in France and abroad.

Upcoming events

  • Cybersecurity Breakfast (February 27th 2023)
  • The International Cybersecurity Forum (April 5,6,7th 2023)

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