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The CyberSecurity Institute

CyberAlps project

The rise of cyberattacks constitutes a major challenge for our societies, with an estimated cost of $10.5 trillion by 2025. In addition to their disastrous economic and social impact, these attacks weaken the confidence of citizens in the digital transition of activities and cause serious international tensions. As a consequence, the development of new sustainable solutions that enable end-to-end security, privacy and infrastructure resilience is now a multi-dimension challenge: technical, business, scientific and social.

Through its multidisciplinary approach, the Institute creates a space for strong collaboration between experts and stakeholders in order to adequately consider all the technical and social issues raised by these attacks, and thus develop global, adapted and innovative solutions. Our research focuses on cybersecurity issues (critical infrastructure security, attribution, responses to cyberattacks, privacy and data protection, etc.) at the crossroad of several disciplines. To answer these questions, the Institute uniquely brings together researchers from very different backgrounds (mathematics, computer science, microelectronics, law, economics, management, political science...) with experience in multidisciplinary research around major themes.

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Submitted on November 17, 2023

Updated on January 9, 2024