Call for thesis topics

call for thesis

As part of our CDTools CyberAlps project, we are receiving funding for two theses. As specified in our CDTools project, which has been validated by Idex, these theses must be interdisciplinary, with both a 'social science' component (PSS) and a 'hard science' component (MSTIC, Inria or CEA) focusing on data sovereignty or cybersecurity regulation.

Given the time constraints, we have committed to funding the first thesis in autumn 2022. We will begin funding the second in autumn 2023.

We would like this second thesis (as was planned in the CDTools project) to have a strong PSS dimension, while incorporating an MSTIC, INRIA or CEA dimension to enable interdisciplinary collaboration (or co-direction) between several laboratories.

If you have thesis projects in your laboratories, please inform us by providing the following details and documents:
  • Name of the thesis director (and possibly co-director and/or co-supervisor)
  • Laboratory and ED to which the thesis will be attached
  • Title of thesis subject
  • Presentation of the subject (1 page)
  • Name of prospective candidate
  • Candidate's CV (1 page)
  • Candidate's letter of motivation
  • Candidate's letter(s) of recommendation
  • Candidate's publications (if relevant)
Please send this information no later than September 20th to with a copy to Annouchka Mathieu (

Applications will be selected and ranked during the week of 26 September. Given the administrative deadlines imposed on us, the thesis could start in November/December.