[EVENT] FIC'21 Review - Talks by Cyber@Alps researchers

from September 7, 2021 to September 9, 2021

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At FIC'21, researchers of the Grenoble Alpes Cybersecurity Institute presented some results related to their work.

"Presentation of the EDA4Sec tool (for secure circuit design)" by D.Hély & J.Marconot

EDA4Sec is a tool that can be inserted into industrial design flows to identify possible hardware vulnerabilities using information from standard design tools. This structural information is analyzed and combined to highlight potential security issues. It intervenes early in the design flow using information from RTL analyses. The modular and dynamic tool can integrate many models and types of attacks (fault attacks, side channel attacks or malicious logic insertion).
Download full presentation here

"Closed Resolver : mesure du déploiement de la validation d'adresse source sur trafic entrant" by M.Korczynski

In this talk, we will present the results of the first Internet-wide active measurement to identify networks that do not filter packets based on their source address. Our method identifies closed and open DNS resolvers that process requests from outside the network with the source address in the prefix of the tested network. The study provides the most complete picture of the deployment of inbound source address validation at network providers: 32,673 IPv4 ASes and 197,641 IPv4 BGP prefixes are vulnerable to spoofing of inbound traffic. We will discuss the platform for notifying administrators of vulnerable networks.
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"Cybersecurity of industrial systems: hardware-in-the-loop experimental platform" by S.Mocanu

We present an electronic system of virtualization of sensors and actuators allowing to connect real control equipment with a simulated industrial process. This system allows the realization of test models in realistic conditions for the study of the cybersecurity of industrial systems: test and visualization of the effects of attack scenarios, pentesting, calibration of countermeasures. The electronic schematics and manufacturing files of the interface system are available under a Creative Commons license.
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Published on September 24, 2021