[EVENT] Cybersecurity breakfast on network security

on the May 5, 2023

9h - 11h

Programme :

Security of networks and information systems in the EU, the case of the NIS Directive, by Theodoros Karathanasis, Research Engineer at the Chair Legal and Regulatory Implications of AI, CESICE Laboratory

"Six years after its adoption, Directive (EU) 2016/1148 of 6 July 2016 on measures to ensure a common high level of network and information system security in the Union (NIS Directive) is being revised and replaced by Directive (EU) 2022/2555 (NIS 2 Directive). As the European Commission acknowledges in the explanatory memorandum leading to this revision, cybersecurity requirements have varied considerably from one Member State to another in terms of type of requirement, level of detail and monitoring method. Indeed, governments may need to adapt EU rules to the local context in order to safeguard their national interests. This can have an impact on the effectiveness of European directives. The aim of this talk will therefore be to present the results of my research into the transposition of the NIS Directive in Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg and Poland, and to discuss the scope of the changes introduced by the NIS 2 Directive.
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Security of industrial and critical systems by Maxime PUYS, Engineer/Researcher, CEA-LETI LSES Laboratory

"With the arrival of Industry 4.0, we are seeing a convergence between industrial systems and the IoT. As industry becomes more distributed, connected and service-oriented, it tends to move closer to the IoT and lean towards connected, complex devices working with machine learning algorithms and potentially processing personal data. In the context of the security of industrial and critical systems, we will first review what industrial systems are, the properties they must guarantee and the threats they face. We will then discuss certain vulnerabilities and countermeasures at different levels (protocols, risk analysis, certification, etc.).
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Published on June 22, 2023

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Auditorium de l'IMAG, 700 Av. Centrale, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères