[SEMINAR] IHDEN/INHESJ opening sessions on Cybersecurity and Digital Sovereignty organized by CEA-LETI

on the September 27, 2019

On September 27th 2019, CEA-LETI is organizing the opening day of the INHESJ / IHEDN joint sessions on cybersecurity and digital sovereignty.
The afternoon session will provide an opportunity to present several local projects in order to highlight the multi-actors approach to this issue in Grenoble:Romain Xu-Darme will also host the closing round table entitled "Challenges of a multi-actors approach to digital sovereignty", with the participation of:
  • Karine Bannelier-Christakis (Deputy director of the Cyber@Alps)
  • Christian Daviot (ANSSI)
  • Jean-Michel Brun (Schneider)
  • Nicolas Vivant (DSI Fontaine)
  • Jean-René Lequepeys (CEA)
  • Jean-François Ponsot (Pacte - member of the Cyber@Alps)
Published on August 5, 2020