Internet-wide measurements

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Current communication networks are increasingly becoming pervasive and complex due to factors like enormous growth in the number of network users, continuous appearance of network applications, increasing amount of data transferred, and diversity of user behaviors. Understanding and measuring traffic in such networks is a difficult yet vital task for network management and cybersecurity purposes.

Internet-wide measurements and monitoring can, for example, enable the analysis of the spreading of malicious software and its capabilities or can help to understand the nature of various network threats including those that exploit users' behavior and other user's sensitive information. Network traffic investigation can also help to assess the effectiveness of the existing countermeasures or contribute to building new, better ones.

One of the objectives of the Cybersecurity Institute is to carry out research in cybersecurity seen from the traffic measurements perspective. In the field of Internet-wide measurements, our research interests focus on:


  • Measurements for network incidents response, investigation, and evidence handling
  • Measurements of cyber attacks (e.g. DDoS, botnet, malware, and phishing campaigns)
  • Measurements for security of web-based applications and services
  • Measurements for economics of cybersecurity
  • Measurements for assessing the effectiveness of the threats detection/prevention methods and countermeasures
  • Novel passive, active and hybrid measurements techniques for cybersecurity purposes
  • Ethical issues in measurements for cybersecurity