Marie-Laure Potet

Grenoble INP - ENSIMAG / VERIMAG - MSTIC Coordinator
Marie-Laure Potet has a Professor position since 2013 at Ensimag/Grenoble INP (the department of Computer Science, Applied Maths and Telecom of Grenoble INP). She is a member of VERIMAG, a leading research center in embedded systems. Since 8 years ago, she develops a new axis in VERIMAG relative to tools and method for security evaluation and certification. From 2015 she is the head of the PACCS group (Proofs and Code analysis for Safety and Security) in collaboration with David Monniaux. She is also implied in security cursus and is now co-ordinator for Grenoble-INP in the CyberSecurity Master à Grenoble-Alpes.
Her research activities are formal technics for security code analysis, including attacker models (possibly active as in fault injection) and application to certification process (conformity and vulnerability analyses).
She is nowadays very active in supervision: 3 PhD defended in 2017-18, 5 current PhDs. Security code analysis and associated tools is an ongoing need (both for auditors, industrials and certification agencies), introducing several new research axes (reasoning in presence of attackers, binary analysis technics and robustness metrics).
She is strongly implied in in the local and national animation of the emerging Security community both at the teaching, academic and institution levels. She recently organized the 3th edition of RESSI (Rendez-vous pour la Recherche et l’Enseignement en Sécurité des Systèmes d’information) and two national workshop on fault injection.
She was member of the « comité d'évaluation des métiers de Sécurité des systèmes d'information pour la DGA », member of the Labossec group dedicated to verification for Security commissioned by the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI) and presently member of the Allistène Cybersecurity working group. She is strongly implied in development of industrial collaborations and collaborative projects. She is member of several international program committees (FPS, PROOFS, F-IDE). She actively participates to PhDs defenses and selection committees.
For more information, see her personal page.
Published on January 14, 2019