Karine Bannelier

CESICE, Deputy Director & Social Sciences Coordinator
Karine Bannelier is Associate Professor in International Law at the University Grenoble Alpes and Director of the Master 2 Programme in International Security and Defense.

Her work explores the ability of international law to adapt to new challenges of international security and investigates if existing international law can deal with new threats especially in the Cyberspace. Particularly interested in cyber-security issues, she questions the applicability and interpretation of general principles of international law as well as the rights and obligations of the various actors, both State and non-State ones. She has developed in this field the concept of cyber-diligence which was integrated in 2018 in the National Cyber Defense Strategy of France. Her work covers also jus contra bellum, and jus in bello.

She has published 8 books, 46 articles, organized 12 workshops and made 66 presentations in 21 countries. Member of the board of the French Government Initiative on Cybersecurity, she was in charge of the scientific organization of its 2017 Conference at the UNESCO and she was also involved in the National Cyber Defense Strategy of France. In 2018 her book published with T. Christakis Cyber-Attacks. Prevention-Reactions: The Role of States and Private Actors was awarded by the International Cybersecurity Forum.

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Published on May 2, 2019