Theodoros KARATHANASIS: "NIS Directive: Obligation on common level of security"

Directed by Fabien Terpan (CESICE)
Complying with the directive 2016/1148 : national actors confronted to EU-based rules in the field of cybersecurity
The Directive on Network and Information Society of 6 July 2016 aims at establishing measures with a view to achieving a high common level of security of network and information systems within the Union so as to improve the functioning of the internal market. These measures apply to private actors, member states' public authorities and intergovernmental relations. The NIS Directive has been transposed in domestic law. The rules contained in the national legislation transposing the Directive have to be respected by different actors, which may create many difficulties of a legal, economic as well as technical nature. What kind of resistances is opposed to these rules? What obstacles hinder compliance with these rules by both public and private actors?
Published on October 18, 2021