[BOOK] “13 défis de la cybersécurité” available now !

on the January 14, 2021

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"Personal data leakage, massive hacking, economic espionage, infection of sensitive computer systems, spread of "ransomware", identity theft, fears about credit card payments: questions relating to cybersecurity haunt the news . [...]". With the participation of Jean-Guillaume Dumas.

However, it is difficult to understand calmly, through this continuous and massive flow of information, the scope of the problems and their solutions.
Because the question is difficult, highly technical, at the crossroads of mathematics, computer science and electronics, which makes it mysterious for those who are not specialists. However, the omnipresence of IT tools in everyday and professional life, all sectors of activity combined, today makes cybersecurity a major issue that concerns us all. The research aims to solve the challenges that will guarantee a more secure world tomorrow.
This book takes stock of thirteen of them and makes it possible to identify the fantasies surrounding cybersecurity, by shedding scientific light for engineers, researchers, decision-makers and more generally anyone wishing to learn more.
13 défis de la cybersécurité. Under the supervision of Gildas Avoine, Marc-Olivier Killijian.
CNRS Editions, 262 pages, June 2020
Published on January 14, 2021